Strollers are an essential part of the modern parent’s arsenal. They can be lifesavers on long walks with your newborn, they can make shopping trips with your infant less tiring for you, and they’re perfect for transporting toddlers to and from the bus or library. So how do you protect your child while offering them that convenient independence? 

Types Of Strollers: 

There are many different varieties of strollers. They come in all shapes and sizes:

Jogging Stroller:

The convertible stroller is the most common type of stroller. It has a seat that folds up into the back of the stroller and a seat that unfolds out. It’s easily maneuvered through crowds, stores, and restaurants. The jogging stroller is most appropriate for a child under 2 years. 


The side-by-side stroller is another type of convertible style. A child can sit in one front seat, while an adult can go in the other. These are usually equipped with a bassinet or car seat attachment for infants older than six months of age.


A front-facing stroller allows for more interaction between parent and child than a side-by-side. The child can see his parent while they walk or ride together. A front-facing stroller is appropriate for babies who have good head and neck control. Newborns should not be placed in front-facing strollers unless they can sit upright unassisted. 

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller:

It is the most compact and lightweight stroller, making it perfect to have on hand in the trunk of your car when you don’t know how long you’ll be staying somewhere with your toddler in tow. Parents can use an umbrella stroller from birth until their child reaches about 40 pounds.

Double Stroller:

Double strollers offer ample room for two children of any age, and they are designed to be easily pushed even in very crowded areas. 

Is It Safe to Put a Baby in a Stroller?

Strollers provide a convenient, safe, and comfortable means of transporting your baby. However, there are a few safety precautions that you should take when using strollers that will help keep you and your child safe. They are:

1) Make sure the stroller has a high-quality, 5-point harness that allows you to adjust the harness straps and shoulder straps to fit your child snugly. Never purchase a stroller without this five-point safety harness, as it will provide the most protection in an accident. 

2) If you have a newborn baby, it is recommended that you purchase a stroller with an adjustable seat that can lie flat with no recline. 

3) Do not put your child’s fingers or hands through the gaps in the safety bar; this is one of the most common injuries that babies sustain while in strollers.

Injury and Death Associated With Stroller Accidents

Strollers can present several dangers for babies and parents. Although strollers are designed to provide your child with a larger amount of space, they can still pose a threat to your child if misused. A stroller is a vehicle platform that can roll, thus posing a danger to your child.

Proper Use of a Stroller:

Strollers were created to transport your child from one place to another in a safe, convenient manner. They are intended for use on flat, smooth surfaces and should never be used off-road or across large distances.

For safety purposes, you should only use strollers in daylight, and you should always use the brake when crossing a road or busy sidewalk to avoid any accidents.

Stroller Buying Guide: 

Before you buy a stroller, you should first consider the following things:

1. Fit: Make sure that your stroller fits your car and that it’s easy to fold and unfold.

2. Accessories: Consider what accessories you will need for the stroller, such as a cup holder or storage bag. You may also want to look at accessories such as winter covers or UV shades for your baby when riding in the stroller during hot or cold weather.

3. Safety: Make sure that the stroller has various safety features, such as brakes, a five-point safety harness, and reflectors.

4. Weight: You should be able to lift your stroller with one hand without difficulty.

5. Quality: Make sure that the stroller is well made and has a lifetime warranty.

6. Price: You should be able to find a quality stroller for a reasonable price.

7. Neck Support: To ensure that your child’s head is supported correctly, look for a stroller with a proper headrest.

8. Material: Look for a stroller with quality material and padding. Avoid plastic or aluminum frames, as they are more likely to cause injury.

Can a Bumpy Stroller Ride Hurt the Baby?

Bumps and splashes are considered a normal part of a stroller ride. Newborns should not be placed in strollers that have many ups and downs or that are bumpy, as this can cause numerous injuries.

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You may be tempted to take your newborn out for a walk in the stroller from the day they are born, but you should do so only when you are sure that it’s safe for both you and your baby.