The bassinet is a firm mattress that people can place in or beside a baby’s crib and other areas (such as the living room) to provide occasional sleeping places for the baby. Bassinets are typically made of steel or wood. The bassinet arms contain a headboard, which can be used as a blanket and even as a place to change baby. The bottom of the bassinet usually has a water-proof pad to prevent the mattress from getting wet.


Bassinets are typically used for sleeping by months-old babies. Some parents and baby experts recommend only using bassinets for very young babies because they may still be crawling at night, posing injury risks to their heads if they fall out. Other applications for bassinets are when babies have trouble adjusting their sleep schedule (such as newborns). In cases like this, a bassinet provides a safe place for the baby to sleep. The best location is in the baby’s crib. 


There are various types of bassinets. Some bassinets are ideal for traveling or staying with relatives, while others work better in the home environment.

Benefits of Using a Bassinet:

There are several benefits to using a bassinet. These include the following:

Safe Sleep Environment: 

A bassinet provides a safe place for the baby to sleep at night, especially if the child has trouble sleeping in a crib. 


People can use bassinets at home, as well as when traveling. Bassinets are especially useful for parents who travel frequently or change jobs often. It is also convenient for families with multiple children and ample living space. These families may or may not have room for one more crib.

Firm Surface

Bassinets often come with a firm mattress, which is safer than having loose blankets around the baby. A firm surface can also be more comfortable for babies who like to sleep on their backs.


Bassinets are typically made from sturdy materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, making them durable and able to be used by multiple children if desired.

Hazards of Bassinets:

Inspecting the mattress of a bassinet can tell a parent if it is of poor quality, which can cause the baby to have a rash or cause other health problems. Bassinets may also have loose headboards, which pose the same risks. The demand for bassinets has decreased due to:

Risk of Suffocation:

The demand for bassinets has been decreased by the fact that they may pose a suffocation risk.

Infant Deaths:

In many cases, when a baby falls out of bed or if there is no adult present to care for the baby while sleeping in the bassinet, they can suffocate or die.

Risk of Injury:

The bassinet may be too small to accommodate the baby, posing a risk of injury to the infant.

Is the Bassinet Safe for Night Sleeping?

Bassinets are only safe to use during the daytime, not at night. The bassinet may be too small for the baby to move around, leading to potential injury. If you must sleep with the baby at night, consider using a crib instead of a bassinet.

Safety Standards for Bassinets:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued safety standards for bassinets intended for babies of up to 6 months of age. These include the following:

1) Rampant use and popularity of bassinets have declined due to potential hazards and risks. It is recommended that parents avoid using a bassinet if they can, especially in cases where the baby may be alone, such as when sleeping or while visiting relatives or friends. Parents may want to consider using a flat, firm surface for babies to sleep on instead of buying a bassinet.

2) The bassinet should be cleaned thoroughly and washed regularly with warm soapy water. Replace the mattress if it is worn or has any tears. It is recommended that parents avoid using pillows or blankets in the bassinet, as these can pose a suffocation hazard to the baby. 

3) It is also recommended that parents avoid putting babies in an area with no adult caregivers.

4) Good adult supervision is essential. Infants should be placed in bassinets only when it is safe to do so; this entails following the manufacturer’s instructions and avoiding placing the bassinet near any areas of risk for injury.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bassinet:

To ensure that a bassinet is safe, you should consider the following:

1) Gauge How Much Room Is Left In The Crib: 

First of all, check to see if the crib has room for a bassinet. If it does not, then there will not be any options for using this device. This lack of space will impact the baby’s safety because they may fall out or get hurt if the mattress is too small to accommodate them correctly.

2) Durable Materials: 

Strong and durable materials are necessary for ensuring that the bassinet will last long enough. The materials should also be soft so that a baby can sleep comfortably. Some fabrics are known to be harmful to babies, such as polyester and other toxic fabrics.

3) Weight: 

Bassinets cannot be too heavy or too light. The ideal weight is somewhere between 2-4 kg. Remember that if it’s too light, the baby may accidentally fall out of bed while sleeping in the bassinet. If it’s too heavy, then there is a risk of suffocating.

4) Sufficient Size: 

A bassinet should provide enough room for a baby to sleep comfortably. If the baby falls out of bed, they may be hurt. If there is not enough space, the bassinet may be too small for the baby to lie safely on.

5) Cable Hook: 

If possible, it is advisable to purchase a bassinet with a cable hook so that you can tether your kid to it for safety while sleeping at night. This hook will ensure that if the baby falls out of bed, there will be no escape.

Bassinets vs Cribs:

Bassinets and cribs both have their unique advantages. The choice of which to use for your baby depends on several factors, such as needs and budgets. However, there are some general guidelines that parents can follow to make the right decision:

1) Budget: 

A bassinet is usually less expensive than a crib. However, this will vary depending on the brand of each device and where you buy it from. The bassinet must be substantial enough to last long enough for your child to use it. 

2) Frequency of Use:

Some families already have a crib, so there is no need to have another device to hold and secure the baby. Bassinets serve a different purpose; therefore, families who use them frequently may consider buying one instead of using a crib. Make sure that you are aware of your own needs before making this decision.

3) Your Lifestyle: 

Bassinets are very convenient, especially for families who travel often and work remotely from their homes. However, some families may want a crib because the bassinet is not safe for their baby. In determining which to use, ask yourself why you are using the bassinet or crib.

Best Bassinets on the Market:

The following are some of the best bassinets available on the market:

1) Goplus 4-In-1 Convertible Crib and Bassinet Set:

One of the best options currently available is the Goplus 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Bassinet Set. You can convert this device from a crib to a bassinet very easily, making this a convenient option for parents who need a bassinet later in life. This product also comes with storage drawers for items such as blankets.

2) Graco Pack N Play Bassinet:

The Graco Pack N Play Bassinet is an excellent choice for those who need to be prepared for travel but don’t want to haul a whole lot of baby gear around with them. This bassinet comes in three different sizes and two colors. Your baby will have plenty of room to sleep comfortably in it with the plush mattress, which also helps protect the baby from injury. You can purchase this product through Amazon for between $130 and $180, depending on the size that you choose.

3) Delta Children Bassinet With Changing Table:

Another bassinet that is very popular among parents is the Delta Children Bassinet With Changing Table. The changing table flips over into a bassinet, making it even more convenient and valuable for those with small apartments. You can purchase this product through Amazon for $77.99.

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A bassinet is an excellent choice for any family that does not have a crib or wants something more convenient for traveling. Make sure that you choose a reliable brand of bassinet that will last you and your baby comfortably for as long as possible. The safety of your baby should be your number one priority.