Baby Blanket: 

A baby’s blanket doesn’t have to be anything special, but it is a comfort item that your baby will always want. Your baby’s blankets can help regulate his temperature, provide comfort and security, and he’ll snuggle into it as he learns to self-soothe. The best blankets are the ones made from the softest fabrics like cotton flannel or wool. These blankets are perfect for the baby’s touch.

Types of Baby Blankets:

1) Baby Quilt

2) Crib Blanket

3) Bath Towels

4) A Hugger

5) Coverlet

6) Fleece

Baby Blanket Sizes:

There isn’t just one size of a baby blanket. You can choose the size that you want, depending on where you plan on using it.

Quilted Blankets

This blanket is the most commonly used blanket by parents and babies alike. It can fit perfectly in a crib or bassinet

Size: 36 inches by 36 inches.

Crib Blanket

This type of blanket could fit in the crib. The blanket is usually rolled up and placed across the top of the crib. 

Size: 1 foot by 2 feet.

Bath Towels

These baby blankets are used in a tub, but you can also use them as receiving blankets to give to your baby on a changing table. 

Size: 16 inches by 24 inches or 24 inches by 36 inches.

Swaddle Blanket

This type of blanket is used to wrap up your baby. It’s usually placed over the shoulders, and it provides warmth and comfort to your baby. It keeps your newborn baby snug.

Size: 24 inches by 36 inches.

Summer Blankets

These are lightweight blankets placed on a baby when he’s in his crib or his bassinet. They can be folded up and placed in a drawer until the winter months call for it again.


This blanket is perfect for a stroller or a bed. You can even use it as a light blanket for when you’re on the go.

Size: 28 inches by 52 inches.

Bassinet Blankets:

Bassinet blankets are large blankets made for a baby bassinet. They give a baby a sense of security in his small, confined sleeping space. Bassinet blankets aren’t made from soft fabrics like cotton flannel or wool. Instead, they’re usually made from heavy, durable fabrics that are easy to wash and disinfect. The best bassinet blankets are waterproof, with special elastics to securely tuck the blanket into the bassinet mattress.

Blankets Tips: 

– Choose larger blankets in different colors for babies. They all love to snuggle into colorful soft fabrics. Blankets with buttons, ruffles or other details are cute, but they may not be so practical. 

– Babies need a lightweight blanket for warm weather. A light, breathable fabric like cotton flannel is comfortable in all kinds of temperatures and makes a great summer blanket.

– Make sure that the baby’s blankets have no loose strings or other dangerous parts. 

– Choose a long-lasting and soft blanket that is machine-washable, and you can dry it. It will save you money on towels and keep your baby’s blanket in good shape.

– Baby blankets don’t have to be expensive, but they shouldn’t be cheap either. A higher-quality baby blanket is more durable, so the money spent on blankets can last long.

What Should Be the Size of a Bassinet Blanket?

Baby’s blankets should fit on the baby’s bassinet mattress. Different bassinets have different sizes, so you’ll have to choose the right baby blanket for your baby.

Baby blankets measure roughly 12 x 24 inches or 14 x 26 inches, depending on the size of the bassinet. This size is good because you can wrap one end around the side rail and then tuck it into the corner at the back of the bassinet. It helps keep the blanket in place and gives you a firm grasp of the blanket. The bassinet mattress has to be at least 1 inch thick.

Best Bassinet Blankets:

There are different types of blankets available in the market, such as:

Eco-Friendly Bassinet Blankets

These blankets are made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen. The soft texture of these blankets will surely make your little one feel cozy and comfortable. These blankets are also easy to wash and dry quickly because they don’t require much ironing, unlike the others. However, on the other hand, they might cost more than the usual bassinet blankets.

Quilted Bassinet Blankets

These blankets have a quilted texture and are very soft. The smooth texture of these blankets will let your little one feel cozy and comfortable. They are available in different sizes depending on the size of your baby’s bassinet. Quilted bassinets are perfect for winters, mainly when you live in cold areas as it helps you keep your baby warm and cozy throughout the night. However, they might cost more as compared to other types of blankets.

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Buy a bassinet blanket based on your baby’s temperament and other aspects like the size of the bassinet mattress, your requirements, and economic constraints. In general, if you can afford one, a good quality bassinet blanket is worth spending on compared to washing blankets every couple of days.